What You Need to Know about Traffic and Transport Engineering

At J.C. Engineers, we are known primarily as civil engineers, which traffic and transport engineering falls under. For projects involving virtually any type of infrastructure—including roads, carparks, traffic management systems and more—our skills in this niche are invaluable. Read on to learn more about this type of engineering and why it is so vital for traffic or transportation-related projects.

The Benefits of Working with a Traffic Engineer in Brisbane

Civil engineers have abundant experience when it comes to working on roads and other public works infrastructure projects. They know how to craft safe designs, that meet or beat a budget, and that will more or less serve their function. Consulting with a traffic engineer in Brisbane on these projects offers several additional benefits, including:

  • Insights on project necessity and feasibility: A core of our transport engineering services at J.C. Engineers are the studies and surveys we conduct on our clients’ behalf. Parking studies, traffic surveys, traffic impact assessments and other analyses or forecasts help determine 1) whether a traffic or transport project is necessary, and 2) what the likely impact will be.

  • Understanding of road safety factors: The structural design of a road project is not the only factor that plays into road safety. On the contrary, traffic management and the overall flow of traffic through the proposed development can also make or break safety. Using crash data analysis and other relevant metrics, we can consult on the safety of a traffic or transport-related project before it goes beyond the design stage.

  • Design skills: We aren’t just traffic engineering consultants. On the contrary, we are happy to take an active role in the design of a project. From the layout of a carpark to the line marking and signage used to usher traffic through an area, we are adept at parlaying our significant traffic and transport knowledge into smart project designs.

Common Mistakes People Make Regarding Traffic and Transport Engineering

If you are in the process of planning a traffic or transport project, take care to avoid these two common mistakes:

  • Thinking all civil engineers are also traffic and transport engineers: Civil engineering and traffic engineering are not the same. At J.C. Engineers our traffic engineers hold at Registered Professional Engineer of Queensland (RPEQ), as well as Chartered Professional Engineer (CPEng) accreditations in Traffic Engineering. This niche accreditation makes them uniquely qualified to plan and consult on matters such as roads, carparks and the like.

  • Assuming existing traffic and transport infrastructure is sound: Say you have a carpark where there have been numerous accidents reported recently. This scenario would merit an inspection from a transport engineering professional. It could be that something in the design of your carpark—be it the line markings, the signage or the general layout—is contributing to accident risk. Being willing to reconsider existing structures or systems if they are affecting safety is crucial when it comes to traffic and transport projects.

Why Traffic and Transport Engineering Is Cost-Effective

At J.C. Engineers when you hire us as your traffic engineer in Brisbane, you can count on us to deliver safe, smart, research-backed designs and insights for your road, carpark or traffic management project. By providing safer solutions, we can help you prevent accidents and perhaps even save lives. What could be more cost-effective than that? To learn more, give us a call now or send us an email via the form below.

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