Check out what our clients say about our services:

"Knowledgeable, Professional and Thorough"

"One standout feature for me was their relationship management skills. I have worked with (and studied with) many engineers over several decades and commonly found that their relationship management skills could be improved. It was refreshing to deal with a well-qualified engineer who had superior relationship management skills and who was always prepared to listen carefully and take client comments into consideration"

"Their written and verbal communication skills are unambiguous and clearly understood"

"I would have no hesitation to recommend the services of J.C. Engineers"

"I was enormously impressed with the detail they provided and more importantly exactly how that detail related to current and former building regulations to satisfy Council requirements"

"I was not confident that a positive outcome would be achieved given what I believed were unrealistic demands from Council, however, JC Engineers continued to provide a considerable amount of quite complex supporting engineering data and maintained an extremely professional and very rational approach during the emails and phone conversations with Council, proving quite conclusively that they had satisfied all Councils requirements. This resulted in an acknowledgement from Council that the structure did indeed meet all regulations. All for what I felt, given the amount of work they did, was a VERY reasonable price"

"Great guys to deal with and very professional in their field"