Seismic Activity in Australia?

Australia does have large earthquakes, but they occur infrequently.*^

*There was a magnitude 6.1 earthquake in Central Australia in May 2016.

^A series of large earthquakes off the coast of Fraser Island occurred over three days in late July 2015. Three earthquakes greater than magnitude 5 with sixty aftershocks. Details in [1].

“An earthquake exceeding magnitude 7 occurs somewhere in Australia every 100 years or so.” [1]

Take into account the effect of area.

“A typical site in Australia will be within 50 km of a magnitude 7 event every 100,000 years or so.” [1]

However, from a property damage perspective, we need to understand that Australia has many ‘shallow’ earthquakes.  Aftershocks are also numerous and concerning.

“Shallow earthquakes cause much damage, but deep earthquakes rarely cause damage.” [1]

JC Engineers can check and advise on problems affecting your property. Australians sometimes think that we are not affected by seismic activity, but this is not the case. Sometimes third parties need evidence from policy holders to support their damage claims. For example, seismic activity off Fraser Island was implicated (or at least not ruled out) to cracking and structural damage to a property on Bribie Island QLD.


Brendan Nielsen