Professional Service or Professional Hindrance?

Engineers are Professionals who provide a service to the General Public or Public Entities or Private Enterprises. Service-based businesses often lose sight of the fundamentals of business operation, that is:  supply a product or provide a service your consumer needs. Ultimately if there is no need for the product or service you are providing, then how can your business be sustainable?

At J.C. Engineers we understand this culture exists and seek to provide Professional Engineering Services that are not only useful to the consumer, but also affordable. We offer lump sum pricing and outline all of the expected costs for the consumer BEFORE commencing any works. If lump sum pricing cannot be provided, the options of hourly rate are discussed and approved with the client BEFORE commencing any works.

Our team hear too many stories of the consumer not being provided with the service they need and/or expect from a Professional Engineer.

Get in contact with our team today to discuss your Engineering needs. We will be happy to assist wherever we can.