Do You Want to Run the Risk?

There has been a spate of “bad news” stories in the media of late, particularly in the South-eastern states of Australia. While we hear the stories and see the result of devastation, we rarely find out the reasons why. Why did this happen? What is human error? Or System error?

Most infrastructure projects in Australia undergo a series of systematic checks, starting at the concept planning stages and finishing at the end of defects maintenance periods. These checks involve quality of workmanship, safety in design and construction, engineering problem solving and many more. Such checks are often conducted by well-trained personnel to ensure the project works are in accordance with Australia’s Federal, State and Local Codes & Regulations. So why does infrastructure fail?

1) Human Error: Under-qualified personnel attempting to undertake the checking process. Personnel with a low level of ethics and integrity, happy to provide the compliance without performing the appropriate checks. Pressure to perform; often stemming from financial troubles or stress on their job performance.

2) Insufficient Codes & Regulations: How do we know the codes & regulations used during these checking processes are enough? Most of the codes & regulations throughout Australia’s infrastructure industry are reviewed and updated every couple of years. When undergoing a review, industry input is sought and considered whether appropriate for the code and/or regulation. To encompass the diversity of projects and site conditions we see in Australia, many codes & regulations are left vague, so that they can be applied in all cases. This is effective for applications, but what do you do if an industry code and/or regulation doesn’t fit your project?

Whilst Human Error cannot be completely mitigated, both of the risks highlighted above can be minimised in Queensland by engaging a suitably qualified Registered Professional Engineer of Queensland. At JC Engineers we value integrity and ethics as highly as safety and quality of our work. We aim to provide honest, practical, common-sense solutions to our clients and often provide solutions when others won’t.

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Brendan Nielsen