Why Some Engineers Resort to Over-Engineering....

As discussed in previous articles, Over-Engineering is a real problem in the world today.


So why do some Engineers resort to this practice?

The most common reason we see for ‘Over-Engineering’ is due to a lack of understanding of the primary scope of the design or project. The mindset here is to minimise the risk for the Engineer by Designing a more robust product. This mindset also helps some Engineers mask their lack of experience in the product or lack of confidence in their own Engineering ability.

Engineers are engaged as professionals to provide the most feasible product for the client, who often does not have the same level of Engineering knowledge. The client relies heavily on the Engineer’s professional advice to be the most feasible for their situation. If the product design is Over-Engineered, the development of that product could cost the client significantly more than what is required. Sometimes certain clients call for products that are over and above the minimum industry standards for all sorts of reasons. However, most clients are engaging an Engineer because they require a feasible, cost-effective, safe and high-quality solution to their problem.

At J.C. Engineers we take the time, before being engaged, to understand our client’s primary objective from their product. This assists in ensuring the product scope is well defined and understood from both parties. Our goal is to achieve our client’s primary objectives in the most feasible, cost-effective, safe and high-quality way possible. We ensure our clients understand the results we expect to provide along with any recommendations/advice we have provided.

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Brendan Nielsen