How a Civil Engineer Can Help You

With Directors and Senior Management coming from a contracting background, JC Engineers provide professional engineering advice with a difference. This experience provides a market advantage, as our personnel provide advice, with the end goal in mind. Meaning cost benefits, productivity benefits, safety benefits, operation and maintenance benefits can be discussed, with confidence, at the ‘business’ end of the project; the planning phase.

With hands-on experience delivering projects in the four main areas of Civil Engineering (Structural, 3-Waters, Geotechnical & Traffic), JC Engineers have personnel that can provide advice to suit your needs.

As most would know from working within the Engineering Industry, there is usually a discrepancy between what the Principal (Client) wants, what the Designers (Engineering Consultants) propose and what the Contractor can deliver. Most of the time, the discrepancies are developed within the planning and design phase of the project, without the end-goal or operation & maintenance goals in mind.

Do you have a challenging project you are struggling to deliver? Has your project been subjected to a large number of scope variations? Are you considering the design of a new project and need some advice on the most-effective method of delivery? Give us a call (07) 3387 0137 or visit us as to discuss your needs.


Brendan Nielsen