Consultants, the Engineering Industries General Practitioners

JC Engineers are qualified, experienced and accredited Civil Engineering consultants within the Engineering Industry. The four (4) main specialist areas within Civil Engineering are Structural Engineering, 3-Water Engineering (Stormwater, Water & Sewerage), Geotechnical Engineering and Traffic & Transport Engineering, meaning we are skilled and competent in all four (4) of these areas.

Engineering Consultants may elect to focus their business within one (1) of these main areas of Civil Engineering, undertaking further training and development specifically tailored to the elected area of focus. These Engineering Consultants become a ‘specialist’ in the one (1) focus area and competent within the other three (3). For example, a specialist Structural Engineering consultant may be involved in designing foundations or footings (Geotechnical Engineering) that works in conjunction with their structure. Another example may be, a Geotechnical Engineering consultant may be involved in designing a concrete or steel structure (Structural Engineering) that works in conjunction with their project. Civil Engineers may be involved in any of these four (4) main areas, depending on previous experience, confidence and knowledge of work within the selected area.

Civil Engineers can be classed as the ‘General Practitioners’ of the Engineering industry where common engineering problems (viruses or diseases) can be diagnosed and likely, solved. Civil Engineers can also diagnose uncommon engineering problems and recommend a specialist within the selected area to provide a solution.

If you have an engineering problem that requires diagnosis, give us a call on (07) 3387 0137 or visit us at to discuss your needs. Why not make use of our site-based consultation service, where one of our specialist Engineers will come to your site within Southeast Queensland and provide 1-hour consultation for a flat fee of $350 + GST.