Yes you can do it, but should you?

Engineering ethics are the values and principles that shape decisions made in engineering practice:

·        If it is technically possible, why not?

The short answer is that technology (in practice) is a tool. Society decides on the use of that tool.

Common Phases

·         “…   I can cut costs by doing it myself   …”

·        “   …   does it really need that extra support?   …”

·        “      …   no one will know   …   ”

·        “         …   he is just being over-cautious …   ”

·        “            …   it’s just a bit of paper   …   ”

Where do we (society) draw the line on what is or is not ethically acceptable? Governing authorities publish guidelines, legislation, and specifications to create consistency within an industry and learn from mistakes previously made (e.g. [1], [2]). Sometimes, common sense needs to prevail to achieve the most effective solution.

JC Engineers Approach

JC Engineers provide an ethical, practical and sustainable approach to solving your engineering problems. Advice and guidance is provided based on industry regulations and good old common sense! Contact us today to discuss your engineering problems and an approach to develop the most suitable solution for your needs.

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[1]  Your Guide to the PE Act  

[2]  Engineers Australia - Code of Ethics

Brendan Nielsen