Change Management

Change Management is defined as “the coordination of a structured period of transition from situation A to situation B in order to achieve lasting change within an organisation( This process is commonly applied in Business; however, the theory can be applied in other areas (i.e. project management or asset management).

The ‘need’ for change within an organisation or a project will always exist, however the success and sustainability of this change depends on the action of senior personnel. After all, an idea without a plan is just an idea.

Management of this change process is key to overcoming its major hurdles:

  • Resistance to change in personnel and organisational culture – “but we have always done it this way”,
  • Lack of action by key personnel within the organisation – “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”, and
  • No main driver or motivator within the organisation – “too hard” or “not my responsibility”.

Change management - JC Engineers' perspective

We pride ourselves in taking a comprehensive approach to the successful outcome of the project or business unit (including responsible and practical advice based on our broad experience and resulting expertise).

  • Pride + Passion = Performance (PPP): The workforce is the key to an organisation's or project's success. Poor culture = Poor performance. Having pride in what you do and a passion for your work creates a positive culture, which results in great performance.
  • Positivity: PPP is infectious. Positive motivations, incentives and reinforcement throughout the organisation or project creates great performance.
  • Leadership: Effective leaders motivate and inspire their followers.
  • Collaboration:  Communication, transparency and direction are key. Involving personnel within the organisation in the change process creates ownership (i.e. pride) in the outcome.
  • Incremental change:  Change is the only constant.  PPP engineers promote seamless change.

JC Engineers’ personnel have over 30 years' combined experience in performing leadership roles and applying effective and sustainable change management within organisations and projects. Our personnel are highly qualified and able to advise on your organisation or your project.

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