Engineer and/or Business Leader?

Prior to the mid-twentieth century many of the world’s business leaders were engineers (e.g. Henry Ford, Herbert Hoover); since then ‘business leader’ became a ‘profession’ in its own right.  There is a strong argument for melding the two paths again.

Engineer Qualities

At the personal level an engineer can:

  • multi-task
  • set priorities
  • deal with ambiguity
  • deal with macro and micro issues simultaneously

As a profession they:

  • know that good problem-solving starts with good fact-gathering
  • process data well, both personally and using technology
  • understand risk assessment and decision-making processes
  • can separate facts from emotions
  • are creative and intuitive

Engineer and Business Leader Qualities

Both pathways require a detail-oriented and analytical approach:

  • identifying root causes of problems and providing economical solutions
  • understanding how things fit together to work
  • being realistic and goal-oriented with high expectations

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