Over-Engineering is Not Best Practice

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Over-Engineering is a real problem in the world today. The Oxford dictionary provides a great definition for ‘Over-Engineer’:

“To engineer to a standard higher than is technically necessary or to an extent greater than is desirable”.

Wikipedia’s version:

“Over-Engineering is the designing of a product to be more robust or complicated than is necessary for its application, either to ensure sufficient factor of safety, sufficient            functionality or because of design errors”.

In our experience, we find over-engineering is usually the result of ‘design errors’ or a lack of confidence in the engineers’ own ability.

Some examples of over-engineering:




J.C. Engineers was founded after years of witnessing this concept in action throughout the Civil Engineering Industry along with the yearning for industry change. At J.C. Engineers, we pride ourselves in providing the most effective and efficient practical engineering solutions (i.e. not over-engineered) for your needs. We also provide design and/or project optimisation services, which provides you with the peace-of-mind that your design and/or project is the most efficient solution.

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Brendan Nielsen