Need a Third-Party Opinion on Your Damage Assessment?

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Queensland is one of the most beautiful areas of Australia. Mother Nature can also be very harsh in Queensland: Droughts, Cyclones, Storm-Cells, Bushfires and Heatwaves to name a few. These events (plus others) can cause minor or significant damage to private (i.e. homes/sheds) and/or public (i.e. roads/bridges) infrastructure. What is our first step after noticing infrastructure damage? We report it so that a damage assessment can be undertaken.

The initial damage assessment can be great and provide justification for damage repairs. In some cases, these initial damage assessments can be detrimental to repairing damaged infrastructure. Engaging an Independent Third-Party Assessment from suitably qualified industry personnel can provide you with the edge you need to get your repairs completed.

J.C. Engineers specialises in providing third-party assessments of damaged private or public infrastructure within the areas of Civil & Structural Engineering. Have a read of this testimonial from one of our clients (J.C. Engineers’ Director) Brendan Nielsen performed a third-party assessment for:

“Brendan Nielsen was found to be knowledgeable, professional and thorough. One standout feature for me was his relationship management skills. I have worked with (and studied with) many engineers over several decades and commonly found that their relationship management skills could be improved. With Brendan, it was refreshing to deal with a well-qualified engineer who had superior relationship management skills and who was always prepared to listen carefully and take client comments into consideration. His written and verbal communication skills are unambiguous and clearly understood. I also found Brendan to be very courteous and proactive with his approach and would not hesitate to recommend the services of J.C. Engineers”.

Are you happy with the initial assessment of your damaged infrastructure? Need a Third-Party assessment? Contact J.C. Engineers via phone, email or our social media channels to discuss your needs.