Why involve an engineer initially in your development?

The short answer is that it will probably save you money by the completion of the development.  Here is how:

The developer must receive local authority permission, as a minimum, before development can commence. This is done by the developer submitting an application to the authority. In the majority of cases the authority responds with a “Decision Notice” conditional approval, itemising the conditions needed to be complied with. These conditions are required to be met so that the development complies with all the relevant regulations. Once the local authority is satisfied that all conditions have been met, they will issue approval to commence with the next stage of the development (normally operational works).

Typically, when such a submission is made the developer relies on receiving the local authority’s response before he can determine a realistic budget on the extra costs involved in ‘preparing’ his property for development. If these extra costs make his proposed development financially (or otherwise) infeasible, then the development does not go ahead and the developer is out of pocket for the costs of submitting the proposal (these costs can be relatively substantial and are publicly available on all local authority websites).

At J.C. Engineers Pty Ltd we provide the planning (i.e. submission to local authority) along with professional engineering advice (calculations, detailed drawings, development feasibility, etc) based on our knowledge and expertise as experienced hands-on engineers. In this manner, the developer is given a realistic indication of what the likely conditions for local authority approval will be. Most importantly, this knowledge is available to the developer before the actual development process has commenced, thereby minimising their costs up-front.

J.C. Engineers Pty. Ltd. has Chartered Professional Engineers (CPEng) and Registered Professional Engineers of Queensland (RPEQ) who can provide engineering certification to meet local, state and federal authorities’ requirements and quality assurance for your project.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for a discussion about your development ideas.

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