Form 15 and Form 16

These are the official forms needed to certify building compliance.

Form 15 (when completed and signed by a qualified certifier) assures that a building design or specification complies with the relevant regulations.

Form 16 (when completed and signed by a qualified certifier) assures that an aspect of building work complies with the relevant regulations.


What does this mean for me?

Often one or both of these forms are required by the local authority as part of the normal building approval process.

The completed form indicates that the building design (Form 15) or building work (Form 16) adheres to the building regulations set by relevant levels of government and/or other relevant bodies.

It is in the best interests of the client to have these forms completed, as the qualified certifier  accepts responsibility for compliance. 

The qualified certifier carries professional indemnity insurance to offset this responsibility, therefore there is a cost associated with building certification.


Who is a building certifier?

For the purposes of Form 15 and Form 16, an RPEQ is a building certifier.

J.C. Engineers Pty. Ltd. has Chartered Professional Engineers (CPEng) and Registered Professional Engineers of Queensland (RPEQ) who can provide engineering certification through Form 15 and/or Form 16.

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