How to engage a certified and reliable engineer.


All professions have leaders within their discipline: sometimes seniority comes with length of service, sometimes with mastery of the discipline, sometimes with academic qualification. The engineering industry identifies its leaders through formal certification and peer recognition. 

Within Queensland’s engineering industry, this certification is the RPEQ (Registered Professional Engineer of Queensland). An engineer with RPEQ certification has been recognised by profession leaders as being a conscientious innovator within the discipline.  

RPEQ engineers don’t just follow accepted practice, they continually provide innovative solutions to enhance their profession and the communities in which they practice. They are also entrusted with reviewing and certifying the work of others.

What does this mean?

Increasingly, civil construction and design work requires development approval by relevant authorities. These can include stormwater system requirements, retaining wall regulations, foundation design and construction, just to name a few. RPEQ engineers are aware of local authority regulations and operate within industry best-practice (locally, nationally and internationally).

J.C. Engineers Pty. Ltd. ensure that your project complies with all relevant authorities. As well as completing the work, our RPEQ status allows us to sign-off on the work on behalf of the local authority. This is advantageous since we have an inherent understanding of your engineering requirements (due to RPEQ status), which can save you time and money. 

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