Is it time to assess your stormwater system?

Rainfall is measured by means of a rain gauge in millimetres of liquid water depth over a specified period of time. We often hear of rainfall or weather events which are termed as a 1 in 100 year event. Most would be surprised to learn this does not mean that the event occurs once in every one hundred years. As evident in recent years, a weather event with this label can and does occur much more often. 

Cyclones are commonly categorised in this way. Cyclone Debbie was one of the largest and slowest moving cyclones we have seen in quite a number of years, with maximum wind gusts of 263km/h. 

How did the stormwater system on your property perform in the wake of cyclone Debbie? 

How will the stormwater system on your property cope in the next adverse weather event? 

Stormwater runoff can be a common problem for residents causing environmental issues, property damage, and distress to residents. But it doesn't necessarily need to be a problem. 

Local authorities take responsibility for common-area stormwater systems (gutters, drains, pipes, etc). Individual property owners are responsible for their own stormwater systems and their connection to the Local authorities asset. Local authorities require all water run-off and household stormwater to be captured within the property and then transferred to the local authorities asset or disposed of onsite. Stormwater or water run-off should not cross property boundaries in a controlled or uncontrolled manner. 

J.C. Engineers Pty. Ltd. are well-qualified and experienced in all aspects of stormwater systems. Our engineers can conduct an assessment of your existing stormwater system (existing conditions), provide feedback on how it will perform in a particular weather event and provide recommendations for its improvement. 

J.C. Engineers Pty. Ltd. has Chartered Professional Engineers (CPEng) and Registered Professional Engineers of Queensland (RPEQ) who can provide engineering certification to meet local, state and federal authority requirements and quality assurance for the performance of your stormwater system. 

Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss and provide a quotation for your needs.

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