How well do you know your contractor (or consultant)?

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You have probably never given this much thought.  Now is as good a time as any to ponder your working relationship with your engineering contractor (or consultant).

o   Collaborationist or Isolationist?

o   Does your contractor appreciate your concerns?

o   Do you understand why your contractor takes the approach that he does?

o   Can your contractor explain the work to you?

o   Are you satisfied and confident with your contractor’s professional advice in your context?

o   Do you feel that, by the end of the contracted works, you have achieved what you initially set out to achieve?

Put simply, collaboration is a two-way street; isolation one-way.

Engineers are diverse, robust, lateral thinking people; they can do many things and devise many strategies. Engineers are open to input from all backgrounds and are open to your ideas. The more positive and successful the collaboration between you and your contractor, the more positive and successful the project outcome for you.

Engineers Australia promotes integrity and competence in engineering practice.  A short (4-page) summary of the EA code of ethics is available to you. If this code does not mirror your experience, then it may be to your advantage to rethink your approach to future contracts.

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