Planning – Key to Project Success

Planning plays a vital role in the success of any project, however the least amount of time is spent in this phase out of all 5 phases of Project Management (Conception, Planning, Execution, Performance & Closure) (, 2017). Engineers Australia, 2014 mention “75 percent of complex projects with budgets greater than $500 million fail”.

Some of these high-profile projects include:

So how can these projects be so unsuccessful?

There is a great saying through the engineering industry; Prior Preparation Prevents Poor Performance. It has many variations, but ultimately portrays the same level of importance of great planning before any project.

Generally, a concept or project initiation phase has been complete before the planning phase has commenced, establishing the requirements and key parameters (i.e. resources, materials, budget, time) for the project. During the planning phase the design and project plan are finalised, scrutinised and developed into a workable solution ready to hand over to the construction or execution phase of the project.

The number of variations issued during the construction phase of the project is generally a good indicator of its success. If the planning phase (where the project is thoroughly strategized) has been completed adequately, the only variations that should be issued are surprise or unexpected issues during construction (i.e. inclement weather). All other aspects of the projects should have been highlighted and strategized through the planning phase.

The Directors at J.C. Engineers have 18 years’ experience in the Civil Construction industry through all five phases of Project Management. Unlike most engineering consultants, J.C. Engineers emphasise the importance of the planning phase to their clients, maximising overall project savings. J.C. Engineers can aid in planning your next project or can perform the role of Project Manager, on your behalf, maximizing its chances of success.

Not getting required results from your projects? Why not get J.C. Engineers to investigate your project and provide their advice for immediate and future improvements to project performance.

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Brendan Nielsen