How Can a Civil Engineer Benefit You?


The role of Civil Engineers can be quite vague and their capabilities can be confused with other specialist Engineering professions.  Engineers Australia describes Civil Engineers as being involved in “all types of structures including dams, bridges, pipelines, roads, towers and buildings” (Engineers Australia, 2016). They further outline responsibilities as “design and construction of all our transport systems, the design and management of our gas and water supply, sewerage systems, harbours, airports and railways. Civil Engineers plan, design and test the structures of private and public buildings and facilities” (Engineers Australia, 2016).

With these expertise the benefits to industry are obvious, however Civil Engineers can also benefit property owners and private investors in:

  • All new residential construction from permit approvals & design to construction

  • Alterations to an existing property (residential, commercial or industrial)

  • Driveways, Patios, Decks, and other external property additions

  • Drainage concerns (Water, Sewer or Stormwater)

  • Inspections and Assessments in Structures (Slabs & Footings)

  • Earthworks, Asset Management, Energy and Water Consumption

  • Earthworks, Retaining Walls, Landscape and other yard alterations

  • Project Management from feasibility to final handover.

If you or someone you know are considering property development, J.C. Engineers would like to hear from you.  Engaging a Civil Engineer with the right attitude can save you precious development $$$.

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