Detailed Design and Drafting


JC Engineers’ Drafters provide effective, high-quality technical drawings for your project, offering solutions in subdivision development, civil drafting, structural shop drawings, structure drawings. Drawings developed by our drafting team are reviewed by our Engineering team before submission to the client. This ensures high-quality solutions that are in accordance with Local Government, State Government and other industry regulations.

  • Civil Design and Drafting;

    • Pipework (sewer, water, stormwater, pump stations)

    • Road design (pavement, driveways, roadside furniture)

    • Earthworks design (cut/fill, bulk earthworks, retaining structures)

    • Concrete Structures (slabs, footings, foundations, culverts, generator plinths)

  • Structural Detailing;

    • Shop Drawings

    • Connection Details

    • Residential/Commercial Structure Design and Drafting

    • Concrete Reinforcement Detail

If you need assistance getting your technical drawings drafted, contact our team today to discuss your requirements.

Brendan Nielsen