Planning and Development Approvals


JC Engineers’ Planners take out the guess work in determining the viability of the proposed development. Our planners offer practical and feasible professional advice, which will ensure your development complies with all Council, Building and Construction regulatory codes.

  • All new residential construction from permit approvals & design to construction;

    • Preliminary Development Assessments,

    • Pre-Lodgement Meetings,

    • Site Appraisals,

    • Reconfiguration of a Lot (ROL),

    • Subdivision Plan,

    • Operational Works Permits,

    • Duplex/Townhouse Development Planning,

    • Urban Planning.

  • Minor Property Alterations (residential, commercial or industrial).

  • Accessway, Patio, Decks and other external property additions.

  • Drainage concerns (Water, Sewer or Stormwater).

  • Earthworks, Retaining Walls, Landscape and other Civil Works.

If you need assistance getting your development over-the-line or thinking about a new development, contact our planners today to discuss your requirements.