JCE offers the following professional services:

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Engage JCE to assist with or manage your next project.


Engineering Certification (Forms 15 & 16):

  • Chartered Professional Engineer Certification (CPEng).
  • Registered Professional Engineer of Queensland Certification (RPEQ).

Project Management:

  • Project feasibility and planning.
  • Design and Construction scheduling and detailed project costs analysis.
  • Existing Project investigation and proposed immediate and future solutions.
  • Management of contractors and subcontractors.

Energy and Resources:

  • Project delivery consulting.
  • Management of bulk and detailed earthworks.
  • RPEQ construction supervision.
  • Design analysis.
  • Quality assurance.

Roads and Transportation:

  • Construction supervision and RPEQ inspections.
  • Pavement design and foundation studies.
  • Rehabilitation and quality assurance. 
  • Traffic impact assessments.
  • Road safety and network optimisation.

Telecommunications and Utilities:

  • Water Reticulation.
  • Sewer Reticulation.
  • Detailed design, analysis and calculations.
  • Construction supervision and RPEQ inspections.
  • Compliance inspections.