J.C. Engineers

Practical, Common-Sense Engineering


Who We Are

J.C. Engineers provides Professional Engineering & Planning services in Civil Engineering, Structural Engineering, Traffic & Transport Engineering, Project Management and Urban Development.

J.C. Engineers was established with the Directors' mission to provide honest, cost-effective and genuine customer service to the general public. J.C. Engineers is a small-business (low-overheads) with high-level professional Engineers & Planners, allowing us to provide high quality and cost-effective solutions.

“Our Engineers & Planners find solutions when others will not and involve you in our comprehensive review process, providing you with a solution you want.”

We provide you with honest feedback before engagement allowing you to accurately assess our quotation. Our Team is experienced in customer service and highly qualified in solving problems. 

Not Sure What You Need?

Our Industry Experts are available to discuss your requirements in Engineering, Planning, Project Management and/or Business so why not make use of our two affordable consultation services:

1) In-Office Consultation Service: Come on in to our office and have a discussion with our Industry Experts to confirm the best course of action for your work; or

2) On-Site Consultation Service: Have one of our Industry Experts come to your site and show us the issue firsthand, anywhere in Southeast QLD.


“Providing the highest quality on projects for small to large enterprises.”


“Honest, cost-effective and genuine customer service to the general public.”